Inner sounds

Inner Sounds

In cooperation with Sander Wassink

Designing a product that promotes peace and balance. Inner peace originates from within, but products in your environment can reduce this. A table with storage space for personal and everyday items which can be slit inside. Once you need them again, you can easily slit them out with the groove under the table. Simple. Purposeful. Useful. Beautiful.

This extra dimension gives you peace and order. A well organized, and clean desk, helps to keep your head, and daily life in order.  The storage space becomes the sound box for an orderly existence. The Inner Sound is not a solid looking table but uses a subtle play of long lines.

The Inner Sounds is a follow up of the Big Baby concept. Because, an international brand showed interest in Big Baby, en asked Tom and Sander to come up with a matching table and design a new brand where these designer pieces could fit in. 

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