Tom Dissel

a dream across generations

A family, full creative people with grandfather on the head of the business.

Tom Dissel (1985) has developed his love for furniture an early age. Tom’s grandfather owned a furniture factory and was his big role model and inspiration. This made Tom want to go into the furniture and living-room industry. In 2011 he graduated from the Design Academy and won the Elle Decoration Design Talent Award with the chair Inside Out.

Tom Dissel studios focuses on design products, brand experience, art direction, marketing and conceptual teaching as guest teachers in different design schools.

Tom design from the material

Tom design from the material experimenting within the function of the product. The feeling of details created by working with the material and doing. During this process, Tom designing anything on the computer because Tom believes the limits the creative development of the product. The handcraft of tom’s process creates surprising and beautiful shapes from the material that evaluates to a final product. This process allows inspires him to create unique ideas and shapes that look ‘spontaneous’ and have a ‘naturally’ look.



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